Which is more cost-effective for 6000w and 12000w fiber laser cutting machine equipment

With the popularity of laser cutting equipment, the competition in the laser processing industry is becoming increasingly fierce. How to improve efficiency and reduce costs has become a concern for most users. Today, we take 6000W laser cutting machine equipment and 12000W fiber laser cutting machine equipment as examples, and calculate which laser equipment is cheaper in terms of processing cost and processing efficiency.

Compared with the cost of 6KW laser processing, the cost of 12000W fiber laser cutting machine can basically be reduced by more than half. Among them, stainless steel has the largest advantage, followed by carbon steel and aluminum. When cutting stainless steel, air is used as an auxiliary gas, and the unit price is low in processing cost, which can meet the products with low requirements on the cutting end surface.

From the tested cutting speed: when cutting carbon steel, the speed of 12000W fiber laser cutting machine is 87%-493% faster than that of 6000W laser cutting machine; when cutting stainless steel, the cutting speed of 12kW laser cutting is faster than that of 6kW laser cutting. The speed is 163%-289% faster; when cutting aluminum, the cutting speed of 12kW laser cutting is 150%-213% faster than that of 6kW laser cutting.

From the perspective of overall economic benefits, the price of a 12000W laser cutting machine is 30%-40% higher than that of a 6000W fiber laser cutting machine, but the production efficiency is several times that of 6kW laser cutting equipment, and the processing cost is also higher. The 6kW laser cutting equipment is reduced by more than half, which greatly reduces the processing time and processing cost of a single workpiece, and the processing effect is better, which can create a value-multiplier effect for users.

Of course, specific issues need to be analyzed in detail, and users need to purchase processing equipment that suits them and choose a processing method that suits them according to the actual needs of their own enterprises.

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