FY2030 Feiyue Fiber
Laser Cutter Machines

05 FY2030 Silver and gold metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine-01 1000X1000-03
05 FY2030 Silver and gold metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine-01 1000X1000-03


  1. Using international advanced fiber laser;
  2. Fixed optical path design,maintenance-free optical path, low operating cost; good cutting quality and high processing efficiency;
  3. The cutting head uses the LASERMECH optical fiber cutting head imported from the United States and capacitive sensor, which has high sensing accuracy,sensitive response, stable and reliable performance;
  4. The CNC system uses a dedicated laser control system and an imported non-contact height tracking system, which is sensitive and accurate, and is not affected by the shape of the workpiece , and can process any graphics;
  5. The CNC system adopts professional CAM software with powerful functions, stable operation, simple operation and easy to learn;
  6. The machine tool adopts a CNC structure, and the fuselage adopts an integral welding structure, which is subjected to vibration aging treatment, which can completely eliminate welding and processing stress, and has the advantages of good rigidity, high precision, and no deformation;
  7. The guide rail uses fully enclosed protection to reduce dust pollution,and uses imported high-precision linear motor drive and high-precision linear guide rail;
  8. The laser cutter uses Feiyue customized fully enclosed cutting control system and the imported servo motor,with high precision and high speed, and the ability to handle small products is 2 times faster than the screw platform;
  9. Using the integrated design of marble platform frame, reasonable structure, safe and reliable, imported linear motor platform, imported cutting head, It can be equipped with any manufacturer's fiber lasers.

The Parameters Of Fy 1113 Laser Cutter

Model FY2030
Working Area 200*300mm
Laser Power 1000W/2000W
Laser Wave Length 1075-1085nm
Working Table Tianpeng marble
Maximum acceleration 2G
Position Accuracy ±0.005mm
Position Speed 30m/min
Cutting seam width 0.05mm
Repeatability ±0.002mm
Software and Control System US LASERMECH/Domestic(Optional)
Position Type Red DOT
Power Consumption ≤10KW
Working Voltage 110-220V,380V/50-60Hz
Auxiliary Gas Oxygen, nitrogen, air
Air Proportional Valves For power 1000W and higher
Working life of fiber module More than 100000 hours
Fiber laser cutting head US LASERMECH
Software Compatible with various formats
Computer Yes
Control system FRIENDESS
Motor China Pengjiaxiang Y motors+X motor + Panasonic Z motors
Reading head Renishaw
Grating ruler Renishaw
Liner guider system Japan THK
Rack gear transmission Precision double rack drive
Electric component CHNT
Weight 600Kgs
Big safety cover Optional
Add Tube cutter Optional

Our Solutions

Optional offline programming software, directly generate cutting track after modification, can use software automatic programming instead of manual calibration, greatly shorten processing preparation time, simple and easy to use;

The special new laser cutting head is perfectly integrated with the mechanical arm. We have optimized the circuit, air circuit and cooling system, and the service life of key components exceeds 100,000 hours, which is easy to use;

The perfect fusion of end laser technology and numerical control technology represents the advanced level of laser cutting; the single robotic arm top-mounted structure or floor-mounted formal structure can realize cutting at any point in space;

Feiyue Laser Cutter benefits

About us

Dongguan Feiyue Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the application and development of high-precision laser technology over 12 years. Our company has always been developing a famous brand as its development strategy, adapting to market demand as its development orientation, and is committed to the research and development of high-precision laser equipment. Production, sales, service, continuous development and innovation in high-precision laser cutting, welding, marking and other laser application fields, has developed a series of high-precision laser processing equipment such as high-precision laser cutting machine, laser marking, laser welding machine, etc. Widely used in aluminum substrates, copper substrates, grinding, saw blades, silicon steel sheets, hydraulic accessories, 5G smart manufacturing, 6G smart manufacturing, stainless steel jewelry, craft gifts, glasses, pure gold and silver jewelry, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, hardware etc...

Our Service

31.Pre-Sales Service:
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Sample testing support.
* View our Factory.
2.After-Sales Service:
*Three-years warranty on the whole machine accessories if the machine parts have any problems,we can change the old machine parts to new ones free.
*Exceed three years warranty period if the machine parts have any problems,we can offer new machine parts with cost price and you also should pay all the shipping cost.
*We offer 24 hours technical support by call,email.
*Our technician can give you remote guide online if you have any question.
*Machine has been adjusted before delivery,operation disk is included in the delivery.If there is any other questions,pls kindly tell me.
*We have manual instruction and CD (Guiding Videos) for software Installation,operation and machine's using and maintenance.
3.Feiyue Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd supply technical training for all customers all over the world . Mainly training are as follow:
*Training for control software operation.
*Training for normatively turning on/off operation of the machine.
*Instruction of technical parameters, as well as their setting ranges.
*Basic daily cleaning and maintenance for the machine.
*Solutions for common hardware problems.
*Training for other questions and technical suggestions during daily production.
4.Training can be processed in the following ways:
*Workers of customers can come to our factory to get the most professional hand-by-hand training.
*We can send engineers to customers' country and do training for workers in customers' target factory.However,tickets and daily consumption like food and accommodation should be afforded by customers.
*Remote training through Internet tools like.


Q1: How can I get the best machine for me?
You can tell us your working material, detail work by picture or vedio so that we can judge whether our machine can meet your need or not. Then we can give you the best model depends on our experience.
Q2: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
We will send you manual and guide vedio in English, it can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can not learn how to use it, we can help you through internet tools such as phone, email or other contact ways.
Q3: This model is not suitable for me, do you have more models available?
Yes, we can supply many models . (200*300mm,400*500mm,600*500mm,650*600mm,650*800mm,650*1000mm...) , and laser wattage (ranging from 500 watts to 5000 watts) If you'd like help determining which laser is right for your application or receive pricing information.
Q4:What's the guarantee, in case the machine breaks down? 
The machine has one year guarantee. If it breaks down, generally speaking, our technician will figure out what the problem may be, according to client s feedback. Parts except for consumable parts will be replaced for free if the problems are caused by quality fault. 
Q5:How about the documents after shipment? And how long is the delivery time? 
After shipment, we'll send all original documents to you by email or by DHL, including Packing List, Commercial Invoice, B/L, and other certificates as required by clients. 
For standard machines, it would be 5-10days; For non-standard machines and customized machines according to client s specific requirements, it would be 15 to 30 days. 
Q6:How's the payment? 
Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) to our official company bank account or Paypal or via made-in-china trade insurance order payment
Q7:Do You Arrange Shipment For The Machines? 
Yes, For EXW price, It is costly to pick up machine from our factory ,we could send machines to any Chinese sea port warehouse by add some domestic shipping cost.
For FOB or CIF price, we will arrange shipment for you.
Q8:If the machine has problem in my place, how could I do?
We could send free parts to you in warranty period if machines have any problem under "normal use".
Q9: Before sending me an inquiry on our fiber laser, it is better for you to provide me the following information.
1)Your metal or non-metal material size. Because in our factory, we have different models according to working area.
2)Your materials. Aluminum/Copper/Silicon steel/Stainless steel/Pure gold or silver?
3)Your cutting thickness. Because different cutting thickness need different laser tube power and laser power supplier.